Travel Management System: Why your Company needs it in 2023?

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It’s possible that you, as a travel manager, HR administrator, or C-suite executive, are on the lookout for ways to improve the efficiency of your company’s business trips. Have you ever felt buried under mountains of paperwork, invoices, and travel-related headaches caused by your employees’ business trips? You are not alone. Since many executives and managers in charge of booking trips have similar worries, it’s crucial to find a solid answer. And the answer is the Travel Management System.

Read on to discover the compelling reasons why adopting a travel management system in 2023 can be a game-changer for your business.

What is a travel management system?

What is a travel management system or software, exactly?

A travel management system is essentially an all-encompassing piece of software made to manage business trips. A TMS automates the entire business travel process, from planning itineraries and reserving rooms to tracking costs and creating reports.

When you implement a TMS, you’re ushering in a new era of transparent, streamlined, and trouble-free business travel. In today’s complex and rapidly evolving business environment, can you afford not to?

Key Features of a Travel Management System

You may be wondering what makes a “Travel Management System” unique if the term has piqued your interest. Is there anything about it that could make your life easier as a travel manager or give you more confidence in your long-term plans as a CXO? Let’s take a closer look at what makes a travel management system such a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Online Approval System

Have you ever had to go through dozens of emails to get your business travel request approved? Online approval processes put an end to those delays. With this function, managers and approvers can quickly and easily give the go-ahead for trips with just a few mouse clicks. Not only does this ensure quicker decision-making, eliminating potential delays, but it also reduces the need for manual oversight.

Booking Management System

Imagine if it were as simple as online shopping to reserve travel accommodations and transportation. An employee’s current and past bookings can be kept in one convenient location with the help of a booking management system. The dashboard also allows for HR and travel managers to monitor employee reservations.

Expense Management System

Are you following up with various suppliers to get bills that comply with GST and TDS? Imagine if all of your billing and payment details for your trip management bookings were in one convenient place. In this way, the biils can be accessed with ease by the travel manager, the expense manager, and the top management.

Adaptive MIS

Managing a MIS, or management information system, can be time-consuming. However, a TMS with an adaptive MIS is designed to give you actionable insights and data in real time. Without having to sift through mountains of data, this allows for better decisions to be made.

Analytics and reporting

Do you know how much your company spends on business travel annually? Or which department racks up the most travel costs? With robust analytics and reporting features, you get insights that help in budget planning, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and optimising travel policies.

Alerts and notifications

What if you received a notification before your flight bookings or hotel check-in? The use of alerts and notifications facilitates this, as they keep all parties involved up-to-date in real time. Not only will operations run more smoothly, but any problems will be addressed almost immediately.

To sum up, a travel management system is much more than a piece of software; it’s an integrated strategy for handling business trips. With a TMS, your business travel can be more streamlined, transparent, and under your control because it has these key features.

Cost Savings: The Undeniable Advantage of a Travel Management System

“Is a travel management system just an additional expense?” If you’re a travel manager or a high-ranking executive pondering this question, you’re not alone. The focus, however, should be on long-term value rather than just upfront costs. Let’s explore how a travel management system can be a goldmine of cost-saving opportunities for your organisation.

Reduced Administrative Costs

How much does your company pay for all the paperwork involved in managing travel? Time spent on tasks like budgeting, reporting, and negotiating with suppliers can quickly add up. A travel management system cuts down on administrative costs by automating these tasks, freeing up personnel to do what they do best: propel the company forward.

Travel Analytics for Smart Pre-Bookings

You wish you had a crystal ball that could tell you when is the best time to book your hotel or flight. While a TMS can’t predict the future with 100% accuracy, its in-depth analytics get pretty close. Predictive analysis and familiarity with travel habits allow you to take advantage of advance bookings and save money. This isn’t wishful thinking; it’s fact-based prediction that can lead to tangible cost reductions.

Data-Driven Decisions for Smart Choices

Do you know which promising markets to send your sales team to during the next fiscal quarter? Which provider gives you the best overall deal on your reoccurring orders, for example? You can use the analytics provided by a travel management system to guide your decisions as CEO. These well-considered decisions may lead to previously undiscovered means of cutting expenses or even bringing in extra cash.

Identifying Cost-Saving Opportunities

Data collection is simple; data utilisation is another matter entirely. Using a travel management system can lead to the discovery of possibilities, some of which you might not have even considered. If the data shows that a certain route has cheaper rates on certain days, for instance, you can modify your travel policies to take advantage of this. Savings from making even a few of these adjustments can add up over time.

Simply put, a travel management system is an investment rather than an expense. And it promises returns—in this case, substantial cost savings—as with any good investment. You can’t afford to ignore this tool if you’re serious about improving your company’s financial standing.

TaxiVaxi: The Synergy of Digital Efficiency and Personalised Service

Your goals as a travel manager or C-suite executive are crystal clear: cut costs, improve productivity, and minimise waste. Doesn’t that just sound like an impossible task? What if I told you that TaxiVaxi combines the streamlined organisation of an online TMS with the attentive service of human relationship managers? Let’s delve into what makes TaxiVaxi unique.

Unified Booking Management

Do you still make travel arrangements like flights, hotels, and transportation on separate websites? Not anymore, thanks to TaxiVaxi. Rather than using multiple systems, you can just use our centralised booking management system. This not only streamlines the booking process but also provides a centralised location for all of your trip information for simple analysis.

Personalised analytics and reports

Who doesn’t appreciate accurate assessments of their company’s situation? The analytical and reporting features of TaxiVaxi give you a pinpoint view of your travel habits. The data collected can be used to inform decisions with tangible effects on efficiency and the economy.

Dedicated relationship managers

Do you ever get the impression that you’re just a number when using certain websites? We don’t do business that way. From last-minute changes to your reservation to urgent situations, you can count on the assistance of our dedicated relationship managers. You can think of them as an extension of your own staff, ready to help out when you need it, even when you’re not online.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Services

What if booking flights, hotels, and transportation was as simple as talking to one person? You can get that from TaxiVaxi. We offer a wide variety of services so that you can avoid the hassle of coordinating with multiple suppliers.

TaxiVaxi is more than just another travel management system; it’s an all-inclusive tool made to streamline your operations. We’ve combined the speed of an online platform with the personalised attention of offline support to bring you a service that’s both effective and up to your company’s standards.


You understand how a travel management system helps to solve a lot of pain points that you face as a travel manager. And how the features of adaptive MIS, analytics, and reporting help to make data-driven decisions. and how the online approval system helps you as a HR administrator to ensure that the process is adhered to by the employee travel policy of the company.

So, are you prepared to take your travel management to the next level, where innovative technology meets superior service? That future is not only feasible but also assured with TaxiVaxi.

You can think of TaxiVaxi as a possible collaborator in reimagining the way you handle business travel. We’re excited to go on this adventure with you.