10 Tips to Improve the Booking & Travel Experience for your Employees

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Understanding all the ins and outs of business travel can be daunting. As a travel manager, everything you do when planning a trip, from selecting a hotel to keeping track of your spending, contributes to the quality of your experience of your company’s employee. But what are the factors that can improve booking and travel experience for employees when implemented right?

Organisations can greatly improve the experiences for employees with the right strategies and tools in place. Take a look at these 10 factors:

#1 Corporate Fares on Flights

What are corporate fares? The discounted airfares provided by the airlines to companies with high booking volumes. But what if you do not have that high booking volume? Still, you can avail of these benefits using a business travel agency like TaxiVaxi.

Providing discounted airfares for business trips is a practical solution for controlling expenses. Companies can make sure their employees can fly in comfort while staying within company spending limits by negotiating discounted fares with airlines.

#2 Flexible Cancellation Policy

What if the client meeting gets postponed for some urgent reason? Or perhaps the worker is experiencing some other kind of unexpected crisis. As the travel manager, you must now cancel all reservations. The ever-changing nature of business travel emphasises the importance of a liberal cancellation policy. It’s not uncommon for plans to shift at the last minute. A policy that allows for last-minute changes or cancellations protects both the company and its employees from stress and financial loss.

#3 Upgrades at the time of travel

What if the value you receive exceeds the cost? Here are some extras that can be added to enhance employees’ flight booking experiences.

Corporate meals and other upgrades like free seat selection can go a long way towards making a business trip more pleasurable. These alterations not only improve the working environment but also show respect and gratitude to the employee.

#4 Over-the-Clock Support with a Dedicated Relationship Manager

What if your employee needs help while on a business trip? Having assistance available at all hours of the day or night greatly improves the dependability and comfort of a trip. With the help of a dedicated relationship manager, the traveller can rest assured that they will receive prompt attention to their every need and that the trip will go off without a hitch.

#5 Online Booking Management with Concierge Service

Most “business travel” solutions only include software to track reservations online. TaxiVaxi, however, is one of the rare companies to offer both an online ecosystem and individualised concierge desks for businesses.

The booking process is simplified and made more user-friendly when an online booking management system is used in conjunction with concierge services. With this integration in place, workers no longer have to waste time worrying about the minute inconveniences that occur on their business trips and can instead concentrate on getting their jobs done.

#6 No Need for Employee Reimbursement

Do employees still have the option of making their own travel arrangements and being reimbursed after the trip? How does the policy on trips work? Do workers actually adhere to it? What about budgets?

It can be a hassle for businesses and their employees alike to handle reimbursements. Suppose there was no requirement to deal with reimbursements. Instead, you’ll have access to a streamlined booking and expense management system that automatically sends invoices directly to your business. TaxiVaxi provides exactly that service.

#7 Managing User Requirements Within Budget

Overspending is possible if your company does not have dedicated travel managers or if it has low negotiation power due to less booking volume. Users will have a more memorable and enjoyable trip if their travel plans are personalised to their needs without breaking the bank.

How do you maintain the balance between cost efficiency and employee satisfaction? The answer is through policy mapping. Map your company’s travel policy to platforms like TaxiVaxi.

#8 Real-Time User App for Travel Details

Do you still use email to share the travel details with the employee? When would you introduce the process? With a real-time user app like TaxiVaxi, a traveller’s most important trip details, like vouchers and itineraries, are always within reach. Having all the relevant information at your fingertips makes planning a trip much easier and less stressful.

#9 Safety Features on Agency Travel Apps

Do you fear for the well-being of your workers during the business trip? The security of business trips can be improved by integrating travel apps with additional safety features. Travellers can rest easy knowing they will be safe and well taken care of thanks to these additions.

#10 Customization and Personalisation

The complexities and individuality of business travel set it apart from leisure travel. That’s why it’s always a good idea to tailor your vacation to your specific interests and needs. What makes modern business travel so appealing is the employee’s ability to customise their journey to their specific needs with solutions like TaxiVaxi.


To improve the booking and travel experience for your employees you have to do more than just making things easier; it’s also about making sure they have a meaningful, enjoyable, and cost-effective trip.

By incorporating these ten factors into their business travel strategy, companies can ensure that all employees’ trips are not only financially fruitful but also culturally enriching and stress-free.