What is Travel Management?

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What is travel management? And why is it a term that businesses around the globe are paying keen attention to? Planning, procuring, and organizing a company’s travel needs is what we call “travel management”.

This method takes a strategic view of managing business trips and utilizing a wide range of services. Also implementing strategies to maximize savings without sacrificing security or the comfort of business travelers.

Why is travel management crucial in the present-day business scenario? In an age of globalization, business travel has become an integral part of many companies’ operations. Saving money and fulfilling one’s duty of care are two of the most important benefits of efficient travel management.

Who is a Travel Manager?

The next obvious question is, “Who is a travel manager?”.

A Travel Manager’s primary function is to coordinate the business trips of an organization. Businesses ranging from small start-ups to significant conglomerates employ them. As the frequency and length of business trips grow, their importance grows with them.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Travel Manager

So, what tasks and responsibilities does a travel manager have to take care of? In general, there are three main parts to a Travel Manager’s job:

1. Policy Management

It is the process of making, implementing, and keeping track of a company’s travel policy that fits with its culture and financial goals.

2. Vendor Negotiation

It involves setting up relationships with travel service providers like airlines, hotels, and car rental companies while also negotiating contracts to get the best deal for the company.

3. Traveler Safety and Satisfaction

Ensuring the safety and well-being of traveling employees, managing travel risks, and improving traveler satisfaction through streamlined processes and preferred vendor relationships

A competent Travel Manager can significantly contribute to an organization’s bottom line by controlling costs, improving employee productivity during business trips, and enhancing the overall travel experience.


Any business that sends people on business trips often will benefit a lot from knowing what Travel Management is and what a Travel Manager does. A well-planned strategy for travel management can save a lot of money, increase productivity, and make travelers happier.

If managing travel seems too hard or if your company doesn’t have a dedicated travel manager, a Travel Management Company (TMC) like TaxiVaxi could be a great option. We have the knowledge, technology, and personalized services to take care of all of your business travel needs in a way that is efficient and saves you money.

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