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Imagine a travel partner who knows what you need, even before you do. That’s TaxiVaxi for you!

With our mix of tech-savvy tools and a personal touch from our concierge desk, we’re here to make your business trips smooth sailing.

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Corporate Travel = Achieving Business Goal + Trip Management

Let TaxiVaxi take the wheel on Trip Management, so your focus remains laser-sharp on your business goals.


Business Travel Management with TaxiVaxi

Now it’s easy to initiate the trip with simple online approval system. Also, map your travel policy with TaxiVaxi Corporate.

Online Approvals

Now transform travel approvals, making them quick and painless with our online system.

Policy Mapping

We got your back, making sure your travel fits perfectly with your company's playbook.


Employee Trip = Objective + Employee Experience + Trip Management

TaxiVaxi Employee Travel Management Solution focuses on superior travel experience.

How TaxiVaxi helps you improve EX?

Enhance employee loyalty and satisfaction with TaxiVaxi, where positive travel experiences boost retention and team spirit.

Personalised Touch

Dedicated Relationship Managers available 24/7 for expertise, and escalation management.

Prioritizing Comfort

We ensure your team's satisfaction skyrockets, solidifying their loyalty and commitment.

Business Traveller = Frequent Traveller + Professional/Business Growth

The road warriors of the corporate world, turning flights and hotels into offices and opportunities.

Do you travel Frequently ?

Frequent travelers enjoy perks and ease, making every trip of a Business Traveler, a breeze with TaxiVaxi.

Strong Negotiation

Experience premium travel without the premium prices, thanks to strong negotiation skills.

Bleisure Time

Turn business into pleasure, where every trip offers a chance for leisure and discovery.

Business Travel Management = (Business + Employee) Travel Management + Operational Control + Travel Optimization

It involves planning, booking, and managing travel for employees, aligning with company policies and goals.

How does Business Travel gets managed better?

A blend of service and software, it offers companies control over their travel policies, spending, and traveler satisfaction.

Operational Control

Get your policies mapped, automated approval workflows, and detailed analytics.

Travel Optimization

With us, businesses access the best rates and routes, ensuring efficient and economical trips.

Online Business Travel Management Tool

Online (Approval + Booking + Expense) Management + Real-time Travel Analytics + Adaptive MIS

Integrate Business Travel Management Solution

Implement a solution that combines booking, policy compliance, and expense tracking in one seamless platform for greater efficiency.

Online Approvals

It streamlines travel requests and approvals, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.

Booking & Expense

Bridge the gap between booking flights or hotels and tracking travel expenses.

Real-time Analytics

Benefit from real-time analytics to monitor travel activities and expenses, ensuring alignment with budget and policy.

Adaptive MIS

Gets clear visibility into expenses, bookings, and compliance, optimizing travel processes and policy adherence.

B2B Travel Company

= Business Travel Management + Service Excellence + Partnership Success

Best of both; convenience & budget

Why go for a Corporate Travel Company?

  • Deep Industry Connections
  • Gaining access to exclusive deals
  • Comprehensive Travel Support Services.

Service Excellence

It means proactive problem-solving, customized travel options, and dedicated support for every corporate clients.

Partnership Success

The ability to anticipate and exceed your expectations, fostering long-term collaboration and satisfaction.

TaxiVaxi Corporate
Business Travel & Beyond

= Online Business Travel Management + B2B Travel Company
It’s the best of both worlds; offline and online.

Why us?

  • Streamlined Booking & Management
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Policy Compliance
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reporting
  • Personalised Services
  • Online Approval System
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers

Save on Travel

Reduce travel expenses by 20%* by tailoring every trip to your budget and needs for the best value.

Get Expert Support

24/7 Dedicated Relationship Managers are there for escalation management, & guidance.

Zero Subscription

Switch to TaxiVaxi with zero subscription charges for web and App accessing online portal.

Easy Enrollment

Just complete a simple contract and you are set to bill-to-company invoicing.

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