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Unified Travel Management System
For Corporates

Streamlined Trip Insights with Management Information System (MIS)

Easy-to-use dashboard puts all of your past and future trips in one place for your convenience.

This system not only helps you keep better track of your travels, but it also makes reporting and analysis easier, so everything about your trips is clear and easy to find.

Real-Time & Personalized Travel Analytics

Using visually appealing pie charts and bar graphs, administrators can easily keep an eye on travel trends. The platform lets you sort, filter, and download a lot of travel data, which gives you a deep understanding of how people travel.

TaxiVaxi also offers personalised analytics reports periodically. These customised insights are a strategic asset that helps your business make smart, data-driven choices about its travel policies and partnerships.

Versatile User Interface (UI) with Multi-User Dashboard

TaxiVaxi’s multi-user dashboard makes it easier for everyone in your organisation to manage travel since it’s designed for different roles.

Employees can initiate booking requests with ease, directly from the dashboard.

Approvers have the authority to review and approve these requests, ensuring a smooth flow of travel planning.

For specific travel-related queries and coordination, the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) role becomes instrumental.

Meanwhile, the admin account offers a top-level view, encompassing comprehensive analytics and insights across the entire dashboard.

Effortless Approval Process with Online Approvals

Get rid of the need for manual or email-based approvals.

TaxiVaxi Corporate is designed to be quick and easy to use, so approvals can be made in just three simple steps and also makes sure that there is a clear, auditable trail of all travel approvals.

Unmatched Travel Savings upto 20% with Negotiated & Discounted Prices.

We think that our clients should get the benefits of how well we negotiate.

Leverage the advantage of TaxiVaxi’s extensive PAN India contractual tie-ups and our significant negotiation power derived from large-volume bookings.

This means that we will give you the best rates on the market, making sure that every part of your business trip, from flights to hotels, is not only of the highest quality but also priced fairly.

Policy Mapping with Customized Policy Integration

TaxiVaxi’s advanced system can be easily configured to work with your company’s specific travel policies. This lets you make the travel management process fit your needs.

This customisation lets you change options and speed up approvals based on your own rules, giving you a travel management solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Compliant Billing Simplified with Standardized Bills.

TaxiVaxi revolutionizes the billing process with our bill-to-company invoicing system, ensuring every bill is standardized, GST and TDS compliant, and delivered punctually.

Our online expense management tool makes the process even easier by giving you a place to easily look over, manage, and even ask for changes or corrections to your bills.

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 TaxiVaxi secures discounted rates through PAN India contractual tie-ups and meticulous research, ensuring we always provide the best options available in the business travel market.

 Policy Mapping in TaxiVaxi allows your corporation to integrate its unique travel policies into our system, ensuring all bookings and approvals align with your specific guidelines, thus streamlining travel management in line with your company’s standards.

No there is no Monthly Subscription Fees. The Dashboard and it’s feature are completely free to use.

 Yes, TaxiVaxi accommodates emergency bookings even without a pre-existing contractual tie-up.

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