About Us

" At TaxiVaxi we don’t do easy….. But we do everything to make it happen easy. "


TaxiVaxi is a newborn star that serves as a keystone for the $15 billion unorganized taxi stratum of India to make it well-organized. TaxiVaxi platform arrays radio taxis, tour taxis, self-drive cabs and all other possible travelling alternatives under one roof without compromising either the service quality or the trustworthiness of the drivers.

TaxiVaxi started with giving services to retail user base, however with time TaxiVaxi has increased its operational base and today has a significant focus on corporate travel, for which the in-house team developed an IT enabled end-to-end solution. The solution obliterates the convolution of conveyance arrangement process – the request to provide conveyance from the bottom-line to the management via various hierarchy layers.

TaxiVaxi operates under the ownership of BAI Infosolutions Private Limited. It is an online transport aggregation company with its headquarters in Delhi. The company today has expanded to 300 cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Gujarat, North East viz. Guwahati, Aizwal, Agartala etc., Bihar, West Bengal, Punjab and many more with an inventory of 15000 cabs.

We at TaxiVaxi take pride in our transparent pricing, efficient operations and quick customer support. We know that our clients today expects nothing but the best and that’s what we aspire to do.